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Brand Analyst - MUFE - Jeddah (Male)

Job Summary:
The Brand Analyst’s role is to help maximize the profit potential by analysing and consolidating inventory risks and opportunities, and implementing inventory allocation strategies.
Key responsibilities of a merchandise analyst include: trend analysis, inventory allocation and providing guidance with regards to best sellers, slow movers and sale optimization throughout the region

Main responsibilities:
- Gather intelligence and perform analyses on brand and category performance
- Ensure that proper intelligence is gathered on trends and customers in format approved by Regional Merchandise manager
- Consolidate local reports into a regional report and conduct annual regional analysis on performance of brand and product categories as well as on-demand analyses on categories
- Make recommendation on adaptations of categories to the market
- Make recommendation to Regional Merchandise manager in terms of appropriate changes of Group’s product classification
- Provide insights for the assortment plan of local stores and communicate regional decisions on assortment plan and discontinuities
- Consolidate analysis from local team and provide regional overview
- Recommend an initial store assortment aligned with Brand’s guidelines
- Consolidate local reports or extract reports from system on stock on hand in local stores, check alignment of stock with Brand’s guidelines
- Recommend withdrawal of underperforming references at regional level or at local level if not flagged by local team
- Send instructions to local merchandise team to withdraw discontinued references on behalf of Regional Merchandise manager as per Brand’s instructions
- Prepare negotiation of returns with suppliers for discontinued items
- Perform analysis on gross margins for store budget and achievement of gross margin target
- Perform analyses on gross margins by store, categories and sub-categories of products based on historical data, qualitative feedbacks from local team, information on novelties and marketing campaigns and make proposal to Regional Merchandise manager
- Consolidate local reports on sales and gross margins into a regional report
- Perform analysis on historical launches of similar products in the region to improve accuracy of orders
- Ensure that top-down merchandise plan by country optimize sales and stay within end-of-season stock targets by taking into account realistic assumptions for key variables and all relevant information
- Consolidate purchases from countries at regional level and check that regional budget is consistent with commitments with suppliers
- Communicate new prices approved by RGM to MDM team correctly and on time for system entry
- Review reasons for discrepancies submitted to the regional team and solution proposed locally
- Monitor reimbursement by insurance
- Follow-up on returns for damages with suppliers
- Provide information as per templates and generate reports
- Compile monthly reports at regional level at SKU level
- Compile monthly reports on gross margin at store level
- Compile qualitative comments from area and store managers on product performance
- Monitor performance of purchase at SKU level, in particular new orders and collections for the region
- Compile monthly reports at regional level on customer analytics
- Compile reports from countries into a regional report
- Provide reports to Brand according to agreed frequency and templates
- Provide specific analyses on performance of categories at regional level
- Qualitative assessment) Accuracy and quality of reports

Job Segment: Branding, Brand Manager, Marketing