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Business Development Coordinator

Job Summary:

Business Development Coordinator supports with monitoring, analyzing and improving their company’s business by conducting research, interpreting data and making recommendations based on their findings.

Job Responsibilities:

-    Market analysis
1.    Coordinate and provide all local data to S&I 
2.    Continuously update country macro and micro economic situation
3.    Support in minimizing incorrect business decisions by using gap analysis as a tool
4.    Take charge of informing S&I of any business updates in terms of retail development, brand activities, and specific market activities - Provide business updates and reports

-    Market Research
1.    Provide Edge with your support in order to continuously develop the content
2.    Coordinate research about related channel development, product development and product distribution customer demand
3.    Observe and understand the competitors market and suggest actions for future improvements
-    Corporate Coordination
1.    Country relay for any specific Corporate project developed by S&I
2.    Coordinate the adaptation and development of the CSR program linked with the Corporate strategy
3.    Support the Corporate Communication
4.    Provide updates on local VM and Design activities

-    Development of new business ventures
1.    Identify and establish new business avenues, contacts and prospects 
2.    Identify products for distribution and services for new business possibilities
3.    Develop business plans and quantify results of new business plans
4.    Coordinate, communicate and share business practices with Department and Division managers
5.    Support in corporate communication
6.    Work in partnership with finance teams while developing new business ventures

-    Business Market Gap Analysis
1.    Support in minimizing incorrect business decisions by using gap analysis as a tool
2.    Update Macro-economic reports on country market data related to the Company’s sectors of activity

Your Profile:
  • University Degree
  • Minimum 2 years work experience
  • Attention to details
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Excellence
  • Flexibility to assignments
  • Listening,understanding & Responding
  • Overall Contribution
  • Quality of Work
  • Quantity of Work
  • Respect
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Teamwork
  • Trustworthiness

Job Segment: Business Development, Market Research, Sales, Marketing